3:16 planet lifeform & mission briefing

Inspired by other ThreeSixteen play sheets and the RPG Durance, I made this record sheet to help me say good stuff during the Mission Briefing and down well. 


I’ve used this to prep for planets. From each list, I picked 3 things the official intel was right about and 2 things they got entirely wrong. The idea this will help me give each planet interesting environments and to ground the squad in the larger theatre of war.

For example:

Romaro has a breathable, mild climate. Unfortunately, it has significant seismic activity. Translation: get under cover when the ground rumbles.
Your mission: Kill as many lifeforms as you can.
Your sub-mission: Recover as much of Yankee Platoon as you can. You’ll be dropped on their last known location. Opposition could be heavy. For extraction, you’ll have to make you own way to Romaro main base. And don’t expect any reinforcements for at least 3 days, so make those days count. Now go kill some bugs!

Of course, this is not what the Officers say. They probably say something more like:

Listen up SOBs. Mission briefing is the same bullshit as always. Safe zone insertion, light opposition, reinforcements in… blah blah. Here’s how things’ll really go down. We crash way off-target, wade through heavy enemy activity, work our butts off finding Yank Company, get completely forgotten for a week and then get a drubbing because the Major’s toast was burnt. Buck up sweethearts, you’re in the army now.