Well, I definitely cracked #61in16  mainly from playing a bunch of board games. A few were from introducing my kids to some basic games, but I also played a heap of strategic, complex and innovative games too.

However, I played a lot less tabletop roleplaying, mainly from the people I play with having work pressures and upheavals and a pile of new babies arriving. I played much fewer one-shot RPGs than previous years, but that’s balanced by few longer campaigns: primarily Blades in the Dark, Apocalypse World and Swords without Master.

96 Eclipse
95 Sushi Go Party
94 Memoir 44
93 Ticket to Ride Europe
92 Knot Dice
91 A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King
90 Automobiles
89 Lovecraftesque
88 Forbidden Desert
87 Murderous Ghosts
86 Concept
85 Showdown
84 Scythe
83 Grifters
82 Bus Stop
81 Ghosts!
80 Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
79 Race for the Galaxy
78 Eminent Domain
77 Connect 4
76 King of Tokyo
75 Army of Frogs
74 Pop to the Shops
73 Durance
72 Arf!
71 Hey, That’s My Fish
70 Portal
69 Apocalypse World
68 Pirate’s Cove
67 Santorini
66 Tongues
65 Patience
64 Go Fish
63 Jacquet
62 14 Days
61 Coup
60 Fugitive
59 Pac Man
58 Quantum
57 Chess
56 Swords without master
55 Tak
54 Twilight Struggle
53 My First Clock
52 Shopping Trolley
51 Veg Patch Match
50 Go Go Dragons
49 Yahtzee
48 Star Realms
47 Kerplunk
46 Condoittere
45 Colt Express
44 Spyfall
43 Downfall
42 Mastermind
41 Jenga
40 Four Tribes
39 No Thanks
38 Pirate Den
37 Camel Cup
36 Libertalia
35 Quirkle
34 The Quiet Year
33 Zombicide: Black Plague
32 The Clay that Woke
31 Dig Down Dwarf
30 Carcassonne
29 Get Bit
28 Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends
27 Between Two Cities
26 Pairs
25 Forbidden Island
24 Minotaurus
23 Raptor
22 Sliders
21 Candy Land
20 The Dice Must Flow
19 Don’t Turn Your Back
18 Burgle Bros
17 Tsuro of the Seas
16 Freedom: Underground Railway
15 Hero Kids
14 Burning Empires
13 Planks and Ladders
12 Busy Busy Airport
11 Kingdom Death: Monster
10 Blades in the Dark
9 The Boss
8 Dragonheart
7 XCOM: The Board Game
6 Thermopyles
5 Sumo!
4 Pass the Pigs
3 Coup: Rebellion G45
2 Fief: France 1429
1 Pandemic Legacy

dice must flow expansion

Dune: The Dice Game (aka The Dice Must Flow) won 2015 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Board Game. Rightly so, it’s an amazing game.

However, you may not have seen that Heiko Gunther has released the first mini-expansion “Loyalty”. I haven’t played it but I am intrigued. Sounds like a good excuse to play some more Dice Must Flow.

You can find the download link for the mini-Expansion on the file page for the game: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/114073/rules-components-link

Or download it directly from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1314223/PnP/dune_tdg-pnp-exp-160125.pdf


Raptor’s a neat 2-player card-driven board game. I’m really liking the core mechanic: the low numbered card gets card effect, the high number card gets actions points equal to the difference between the high and low number played. The random board also makes a big difference, especially in the last game (pictured) where the mountains created a huge barrier to movement for the mother raptor. Looking forward to playing more. So far only the scientists have won, though some games have been pretty close.


Final count of my #51in15.

Ended with the surprise appearance of a long blighted kickstarter. Pirate Den turned out rather neat though, nice pieces and fast, cutthroat play.

Also played some Kigi, another Daniel Solis card game. Easy to grok, beautiful cards and playspace, but quite random and surprisingly high level of interaction. Fun if frustrating to see your beautiful tree pruned so viciously.

I played rather a lot of board games, more than I expected. There were less roleplaying games, but I played longer campaigns and a lot less one shots than previous years.

66. Pirate Den
65. Kigi
64. Dragonheart
63. Planks and Ladders
62. Portal
61. Solar Senate
60. Kingdom Death: Monster
59. Pandemic Legacy
58. Camel Up
57. Colt Express
56. Machi Koro
55. Don’t Turn Your Back
54. My Life With Master
53. The Dice Must Flow
52. Trouble
51. Uno Stacko
50. Monopoly
49. Suspense
48. Sixth World
47. Froggy Boogie
46. Ice Flow
45. Pass the Pigs
44. The Clay That Woke
43. Libertalia
42. Dragster
41. Busy Busy Airport
40. Four Tribes
39. Master Mind
38. Fury of Dracula
37. Pairs
36. Where’s my cupcake?
35. Dragon Slayer
34. Charades with Pictures
33. Creationary
32. Articulate
31. Zombicide
30. Condoittere
29. Guillotine
28. Flashpoint
27. Fief: France 1492
26. Blades in the Dark
25. Coup
24. Dixit
23. Dig Down Dwarf
22. Shopping Trolley
21. Black Seven
20. Get Bit!
19. Small World: Underground
18. Fidelitas
17. Star Realms
16. Freedom: Underground Railway
15. Burning Empires
14. Funnel World
13. Dead of Winter
12. Munchkin: Axe Cop
11. Monsoon Market
10. Small World: Realms
9. Metrocity
8. Pandemic: On the Brink
7. Dark Ages
6. Monsterhearts
5. Lightrail
4. Tsuro
3. Cards Against Humanity: Australian Edition
2. Regime
1. The Resistance: Avalon

dice must flow: seven players

Here is the end of a seven player game of The Dice Must Flow, all the factions except Smugglers. Straight after we played with Smugglers and no Fremen. Fun but challenging. Two games took around three hours. I think it was more fun with four players. I’m guessing four or five will be the sweet spot.

the dice must flow

The Dice Must Flow is great. Very nice art and great dice from Print and Play. The gameplay is short, sharp and vicious. We played two games back to back with four players and it was very fun. Looking forward to playing again with more, at least five or six, and learning more of the strategies. #51in15

finally beat freedom: underground railway.

Finally beat Freedom: Underground Railway. So pleasing. Such tight, driving gameplay.

In previous games, we just weren’t mercantile enough; rushing slaves into Canada instead of using them to milk the Northern States for more cash. The dilemma is save this block right now, or keep them around and use their peril to further fund the abolitionist cause. We resisted for like three games, but finally decided to play the dirtier game. Surprisingly, we lost far fewer slaves. I’m sure there’s a lesson there. I also think we were very lucky.

Such a good game.