undying: plague empires

Finished our first nightly play of Plague Empires. And what a bloodbath! So much fun.

By the end of the proceeding downtime, the Princeps and two Plebian NPCs dead and the only Patricians cursed to be Pariahs. The only remaining predators are:
1 NPC Patrician (boosted themselves up from Plebian as a plot)
3 PC Plebians, and
2 NPC Pariahs

I was wondering how to handle having so few predators left but a pile of grudges to handout. I’m considering introducing new NPCs after downtimeplay but before introducing the crisis for the nightly play. I wasn’t sure if that would work, particularly with how the grudges come from the plots in downtime play. Otherwise, then what happens if every NPC is already your enemy or nemesis and you need a new rival? Must a PC take it up?

Also, what about the status of the current crop of predators? There are so many positions vacant, this seems good time to upgrade the only Patrician to Princeps (they have no betters) and two of the PCs Plebians to Patricians (because they have favour with the would-be Princeps and cleared all the old guard).

Any suggestions or advice?

5 thoughts on “undying: plague empires

  1. <![CDATA[I could probably help more after reading an 'actual play'. It doesn't seem to me that a 6 characters r-map is a poor one, sure you can add some NPC but no need to rush, just have the crisis kick in and then pop out the new character.

    There is no such thing as too many grudges imo, just play them as ambitions. I usually ignore lesser grudges if characters already hold a major one but a twice established enemy is likely to deserve a worst grudge (become his nemesis?)

    Moves usually tell you who should hold the Grudge, based on the narration.

    About Status and positions, you are likely to tighten the ranks but this is up to you. Just be sure to give to characters (and players) what they deserve when you judge Status.

    I think being Patrician only grants you to be the next Princeps if nothing comes in between.

    In the given scenario, who of the survivors do you think has dealt with that terrible crisis in the more incisive way? He's likely to be a good candidate as leader. Did he save predator's 'lives' or interests in the process? Well, those are Debts to me.

    The prescriptive aspect of the rules really matters to me as GM. He could have been even a Pariah once, but he's no more…

    “When precipitous events occur during the session that demand a change to your status (up or down), the GM may also adjust your status up or down in the moment (see the change a predator’s status gm move on page 87).”

    Paul Riddle can provide you with more official explanations, these are only my thoughts :)]]>

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